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Aromatherapy Massage using organic oil blends

(vegan & cruetly free)

When applied to the skin in a massage these essential oils travel through the skin into the blood vessels and are then absorbed into the bloodstream.


They can have several beneficial effects on the body and mind and combined with the therapeutic effects of massage this creates a wonderfully luxurious treatment.

1 hour Scalp, hands & feet massage - £45

45 minutes Scalp, face & décolleté massage - £38.00

45 minutes Hands & feet massage - £38.00

Back, neck & shoulder massage

30 minutes - £32.00
45 minutes - £38.00

Back, face & scalp massage

45 minutes - £38.00

1 hour - £45.00

Full body massage

1 hour 15 minutes - £52.00

1 hour 30 minutes - £60.00

1 hour 45 minutes - £67.00

Choose from the following organic oil blends:


All the oils in this blend are natural anti-depressants so this is the perfect oil for depression, anxiety and other stress related conditions.

The Neroli, Patchouli & Sweet Orange are natural hormone regulators so are great if you suffer from PMT or menopausal problems.

Deep peace

Contains: Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Lavender 


It promotes deep relaxation so great for anyone wanting to really switch off from the world during treatment.


Also promotes restful and restorative sleep and helps with anxiety.

Muscle ease

A warming infusion of Frankincense, Black Pepper, Rose Geranium & Ginger specially blended to help relieve tense muscles and sooth aching joints.

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